Čaroděj OZ – Dreams of a Toilet Attendant
1980, film Super-8, sound, colour/black and white, 11 min 49 sec

Producer: Čarodějné filmy pro lid
Script, director: Čaroděj OZ (Lubomír Drožď)
Photography: Vladimír Gaar (Mr Karra)
Cast: Pavel Veselý (Pablo de Sax), Irena Gosmanová (Pigi), Vladimír Gaar and others
Music: Vladimír Veit, Hawkwind, Scott McKenzie, Blossom Toes
Sound intro 3 min 50 sec, sound finale 2 min 37 sec

This loose follow-up to The Blessed Cleaner (1980) takes place again at the bottom of a pool at the director’s house in Ždírec in the Kokořín region. In this case, the round area of the pool symbolises public restrooms. The protagonist, a toilet attendant at the bottom of the social scale, kills time leafing through a monograph on Oriental art. He falls asleep and, in his dream, he sees himself attempting to escape from his burdensome profession into an idealised world symbolised as a hippie community. Unfortunately, he is followed by evil spirits who prevent him from joining the community, he loses consciousness and wakes up again at his workplace.

“I chose the profession of a toilet attendant on purpose, as he is unable to change anything, not even his own fate as he is factually chained to his rock and the only thing that he can do is observe the limited world around him and live in his dreams of unlimited joy as well as unlimited horror coming from within. The fact that everyday reality is hopeless is, indeed, sad, but what is even sadder is the fact that he is not relieved of suffering even in dreams where one should be entitled to some illusions and joys. Why is it so? he asks himself in his dream. He reaches out his hands and asks where to go if neither reality nor dreams offer a way out. However, he does not get any reply from above, and leaves the set completely blind. He is just unlucky. Such a destiny is also a part of the (universal) plan of creation. And if you want hope, be assured that our protagonist can always wake up from his dreams. Wake up from his illusion and stop asking. Some see it as total blindness, others as the ultimate enlightenment.” (Vladimír Gaar, Meliés Anthology, 1983)

Text: Alexandra Moralesová, Martin Blažíček
Latest update: 15. 2. 2013

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Dreams of a Toilet Attendant

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