Čaroděj OZ – You Get Cold, I Get Cold
1985, film Super-8, colour, 8 min 52 sec

Producer: S/M Movies
Photography, director: Lubomír Drožď (Čaroděj OZ)
Cast: Irena Gosmanová (Pigi), Bára Basiková, Martin Němec
Music: Precedens (songs Už se za zlým jejím stínem [Following her Wicked Shadow] and Hrajte, já ráda tancuju [Play, I Like to Dance])
Sound finale 1 min 39 sec

The music video for a mix of two songs by Precedens takes us into the unreal and symbolist world of the neo-Romantic aesthetics of the 1980s: burning fires, skulls, concrete structures, cathedrals and romantic natural sceneries. Čaroděj works with these themes, taking advantage of their opposite polarity and using the contrast between the city and nature, fire and ice, a cathedral and a block of flats, etc. Our guide through the film is a girl in a red or black dress carrying fire (Pigi) walking through the centre of the shot; some of the shots feature the members of the band Precedens. The film was shot at a number of locations, including St Vitus Cathedral, the Můstek underground station and an unfinished office building at Hradčanská station. The loosely connected second part (song Hrajte, já ráda tancuju [Play, I Like to Dance]) is framed with the music from an LP record and the three actors are projected on multiple layers of image in the depths of the Prague underground.

“The song sung by Bára Basiková is of an older date (83?) and it comes from the band’s neo-Romantic period. It is a kind of a melodrama of a dying life (…you get cold, I get cold like a candle, deprived of light…), a feeling to which the director fully surrendered. An adequate feeling of pleasant and romantic dark nostalgia was visually evoked mainly through the regular alternation of dissolving shots of contrasting situations and the use of a wide range of romantic symbolism, with which the figure of a girl, who is present in the film from the beginning to the end, was surrounded.” (Report from the Free Film Festival of OZ, Lubomír Drožď [as Charlie and Kid], Vokno, 12/1987)

Text: Alexandra Moralesová, Martin Blažíček
Latest update: 16. 2. 2013

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You Get Cold, I Get Cold

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