Čaroděj OZ – What is Left to Do?
1986, film Super-8, sound, colour, 8 min 2 sec

Producer: S-M movies (Sado-Maso movies)
Photography, director: Lubomír Drožď (Čaroděj OZ)
Music: Precedens and John Black Sahara (Jan Hedl, songs Co nám zbejvá and Všelijaký vojska [part])

The video captures J. B. Sahara in Prague in the mid-1980s. He appears by the building of the Strašnice crematorium, at Slavín in Vyšehrad and on a playground under the Nuselský Bridge. The second strand of the film is composed of authentic recordings of military parades and oaths in 1980s. These two themes are expressed as literal allegories in which, for example, a wheelchair is likened to a tank or figures of angels are connected with missile warheads. The film captures the conflict between the inner world of a man (Sahara is usually shot as if hiding behind walls or in recesses) and the society publicly celebrating the military. The metal structures of children’s climbing frames symbolise both play and a prison.

“What is Left to Do?” – the same as what J. B. Sahara has to do in this context. The director of the film places him in necrophilic and funeral settings as in a “gothic” novel – or a social-realist horror, if you want. What is then left to do? Exactly the same thing that is left for Sahara to do: “get into the harness and stay so, like horses we have to go!” (Report from Free Film Festival of OZ, Lubomír Drožď [as Charlie and Kid], Vokno, 12/1987)

Text: Alexandra Moralesová, Martin Blažíček
Latest update: 15. 2. 2013

What is Left to Do?

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