Čaroděj OZ – Plastic People: Hand
1986, film Super-8, sound, black and white, 5 min 06 sec

Producer: Sado Maso movies
Directed by: Lubomír Drožď (Řehoř Samsa)
Cast: Mejla Hlavsa
Music: Plastic People of the Universe (song Ruka)
Music finale 23 sec

“My plan was not a large-scale project. I knew I wanted to shoot Mejla while welding plastic bags. He worked for META Praha, a disabled workers cooperative. I found it rather absurd that such a musician, singer and underground star is sitting in a disgusting den, welding plastic bags for five hours a day. I met Mejla and asked him whether I can make a film about him. He said yes, and I arrived with a friend to the village by Benešov, where he had a cottage, we did some shooting of him welding the bags and playing pool. Then I went home thinking of what to do with the material. The shooting was rather quick and I had make the film in two weeks, so there was not enough time for big plans. Some of it was made ex-post, edited and that was it.”

(Quotation from an interview by A. Moralesová with Čaroděj OZ, 7 August 2012)

Text: Alexandra Moralesová, Martin Blažíček
Latest update: 15. 2. 2013

Plastic People: Hand

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